Our Programs


Book Drive

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers”- Charles W. Eliot

In the last few years, we have purchased more than 1,000 books to a local children’s advocacy center. These include children’s books that children receive after visiting the center for counseling or treatment and psychological therapy books for the social workers and therapists. We are very grateful and honored that we can be part of this mission to help these children continue to grow and heal.

We also purchase books for children for some underserved families. We welcome you to join us in donating books and promote book reading. 

USA Book Drive
USA Book Drive 2

STEM Toy Drive

We collect, purchase and donate STEM toys to local families in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. The educational toys, especially the STEM toys, will greatly help children develop their academic and STEM interests. These toys may be the only precious toys these children have. The shining faces from the children when they get the gift are such a reward!

CHAFF collects educational and STEM toys all year long, which usually costs $20-30 each. If you or your company is interested in donating money or toys (which must be new and unopened), please contact us.

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USA STEM Toy Drive 2

Supporting Needy Children Locally

We have been working with local schools and churches to provide support to needy families and students in various ways. We donate books, school supplies, winter clothes, holiday gifts, and gift cards.   

The last two years have been very difficult for a lot of families due to the impact of COVID-19. Daily necessities are in great demand. For example, one of the families in Arlington have five children with only father working with an annual revenue of $30,000. Another single mother with a teenage boy has an annual income of $20,000. If you are able, we encourage you to join us or other organizations to support the needy children and families in our area.


Book Drive and Community Library Program

Education is key in bringing a better life to needy children. And an important factor in education is to read good books. Love of reading is the foundation of education, knowledge, and wisdom. This is why CHAFF brings books to children in underserved areas who do not have access to books or other educational resources. For children in early childhood, reading is essential to enable them to reach their potential. CHAFF has donated more than 40,000 books to 40 schools, benefiting 20,000 students.

Starting in 2019, we start to help provide books to community libraries. We thereafter have built two libraries. The first library is in Yuxian, Hebei, and is a village library benefiting pre-school and elementary school-aged children both in the village and several surrounding villages. This is the only countryside library in the area. The second library is in Youyang, Chongqing, conveniently located on a public street to benefit many elementary and middle school-aged children. We will continue to work with communities to build more small libraries to help more children. 

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School Supporting Programs

Realizing each school has various needs, including school facility, supply, teacher training, students’ poor health/financial condition, in addition to initially donating books to schools, we have started to sponsor/support the school as a whole body. We have helped schools to meet their urgent needs, including buying safe beds for boarding students, printers/scanners/copiers for schools, computers for teachers, and paying tuition subsidies for students (only for private schools), etc. 

Volunteering Program

The goal of the volunteering programs to give the young generation an opportunity to learn about the world, to nurture their responsibility to care for and love needy others, to bring the awareness to the next generation that not every child is lucky, and there are a lot of needy children.
We have organized school-age students (from age 6 to 18) to volunteer in orphanages and schools. For many of these children, these might be their FIRST such activities. The students helped feed the children in the orphanage, played games with the children, organized the bookshelves, cleaned the classrooms and playground, helped teachers translate materials from English into Chinese, helped teachers input information into computers and analyze related data, among other activities. 
One student told us she started to appreciate her parents more for their hard work to raise her up; another told us that he wanted to do more to help other children. 
We planted the seeds of caring and loving and we are certain that one day big trees of love will grow from these children’s hearts and they will serve others well. We hope to be able to provide similar opportunities to more volunteers in the future. 

Teacher Training Program

CHAFF works with schools and orphanages, to provides financial support for teachers to attend different trainings. We will continue to sponsor the training and seek creative ways to provide efficient and effective training, including inviting teachers to schools/orphanages to do on-site training.

Love and Care Program

As we work with schools and orphanages, we help pay tuitions for those migration families’ children since they cannot attend public schools due to no residence proof (or “HuKou”). We also purchase winter clothes, educational toys, and other needed stuff for these families such as a study table /lamps. We recognize the need is huge and we try our best to help these families. We welcome you to join us to help more children and families.


"Seva Sadan" Project

We were excited to join Dr. Banerjee, a retiree of the International Monetary Fund, to support three crèche facilities that Seva Sadan operates. The crèche programs aim to motivate and strengthen children for education, preparing the children in the crèche to eventually go to mainstream schools. The 3 programs provide opportunities for the children to improve and develop intellectual capacity through games and appropriate aids. We were honored to be part of this mission and were able to support two thirds of the operational cost of running the three crèches (including salaries of three teachers, teaching aids, play materials, and mid-day meals for children) in 2016.