Children are the Hope and Future of This World

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August 2021 - CHAFF's New Website - Merrifield, VA, USA

Children’s Hope and Future Foundation (CHAFF) was founded in 2010 to provide educational and assistive resources for children in need. Children are the hope and the future of this world. Children play an integral not only in carrying the culture from generation to generation, but also in shaping the future. We believe that education is key to allowing children to improve their quality of life, to reach their full potential, and to undertake their vital task of shaping a better future

There are about 385 million children around the world are struggling to survive on less than $1.90 a day ( And many of these children do not have the opportunity to receive a basic education. Recognizing the importance and urgency of education for these needy children, we at CHAFF are seeking to do our part by providing educational and other assistive support to some of these children. CHAFF is dedicated to promoting educational support and assistive support to children with any available sources and tools. We are committed to supporting, helping and serving children with care, respect and commitment.


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Will you join us in supporting the education of children in need? If each of us does a little, all of us together can accomplish a lot.

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